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Are you young, determined, interested in politics and do you like to work in a team? Do you speak German, Italian and English fluently and you are ready to adapt to flexible working times? Are you interested to get an insight into my activity in the Parliament and would you like to do a new and stimulating experience abroad?

If you satisfy all these requirements, then you can apply for an internship with the Team Dorfmann. The deadline for the period November 2022 – July 2023 is the 2nd of October 2022.

After a first selection, you will be invited to my office in Bolzano, where we will test your knowledge on the EU with both a written and an oral test. After a couple of days we will inform you about the result of the selection procedure and the best five will have the opportunity to do an internship at my European office in Brussels and Strasbourg.

For further information, contact my assistant, Ute Schweigkofler, at the number: +39 0471 304052.


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Our former trainees tell about their experience:

Arianna Stech

"These six weeks in Mr Dorfmann’s office in the European Parliament have been even more stimulating than I had expected. This has been a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the world of assemblies and glass palaces that are the European institutions and to understand what really lies behind the Union’s legislative machinery, actively contributing to it, albeit to a small extent. It is for this reason that I was most excited about the opportunity to explore all the technical and practical aspects of the functioning of the European legislative process, dealing first-hand with major socio-political issues.

A huge and heartfelt thank you goes to Mr. Dorfmann and his team of assistants who followed and supported me throughout the journey with great availability and kindness: Johanna, Mauro, Ute and Vera."

Harald Ramoser

"During my internship, I was able to gain deep insights into the processes and challenges of the EU Parliament. By participating in different political processes, I was able to learn a lot about the importance of cooperation, dialogue and diplomacy. I found it particularly exciting and enriching to have the opportunity to not only act as a passive member of the team, but to actively work on various projects and thus contribute to representing the interests of my home country.

Special thanks go to Mr Herbert Dorfmann and his highly committed team consisting of Ute, Johanna, Vera and Mauro. Their patience and willingness to share their extensive knowledge broadened my horizons and helped me to quickly find my way in this challenging environment.

I firmly believe that the knowledge and skills I have gained here will have a lasting impact on my professional future and that I can profitably use what I have learned."

Chiara Gianola

"These five weeks with Team Dorfmann have been an all-round enriching experience: from an educational point of view, it was exciting to finally see with my own eyes what I had always studied in books, i.e. the workings of the European Parliament and its committees, the working groups and the plenary session in Strasbourg. It was also stimulating to do research and follow the meetings by afterwards writing briefings. From a human point of view, I was able to get to know many other young Europeans, talk to them, and hear in general about many experiences and stories that helped me to clear my mind about my future.I would like to thank Mr. Dorfmann for the opportunity given and I would like to thank lot also Ute, Vera, Johanna and Mauro, who created a really nice office environment. I surely come back from this experience with clearer ideas on where I want to go in the future."

René Hofer

"My internship at the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg was an incredibly transformative experience that provided me with valuable insights into European policymaking and the crucial role played by the Parliament in shaping policies.

 From the beginning, I was warmly welcomed into the fantastic team and entrusted with meaningful responsibilities. Engaging in captivating research, attending committee meetings and plenary sessions, and witnessing the actual representation of South Tyrol's interests in Brussels were among the highlights of my experience. This internship gave me a comprehensive understanding of the complex processes involved in European policymaking and the crucial translation of these policies to the local level. Additionally, interacting with individuals from various parts of Europe and exchanging diverse perspectives was enlightening and broadened my horizons.

 In summary, my internship proved to be an intense and fulfilling experience that profoundly impacted my personal and professional development. It further solidified my passion for politics and my appreciation for the interconnectedness of European governance. I am sincerely grateful for the knowledge, experiences, and connections I gained at the European Parliament. I eagerly look forward to continuing my engagement in European affairs and making meaningful contributions toward a united and prosperous Europe."

Ariane Benedikter

During my internship in the European Parliament with Herbert Dorfmann, I got a broad insight into the functioning and working methods of European policy-making. In addition to the exciting work of preparing research and briefings, the participation in meetings in committees, working groups, receptions and plenary sessions were also highlights. It was particularly instructive to see how South Tyrol's interests are represented in Brussels and how policies are also brought to South Tyrol from the European level.

In terms of content, the votes and discussions on environmental and climate protection measures to comply with the European Green Deal were particularly important for me - for instance, on emissions trading and the storage of emissions from agricultural activities. The working atmosphere in the office was also unique. I was able to learn a lot from the staff as well as from MEP Dorfmann. Another enriching experience was the conversations with people from all over Europe that I was able to get to know. Brussels offers unique opportunities for networking. After this internship, I carry and keep the European spirit all the more in me!

Matthias Ebner

“The internship with Herbert Dorfmann was a very memorable professional experience for me, as I was able to experience EU politics at first hand. In the plenary and the committees, I was able to experience day-to-day politics, current political events and very special moments, such as the visit of Wolodymyr Selenskyj to the EU Parliament.


One of the most interesting tasks was certainly following the committees, but also researching and preparing briefings for relevant topics from agriculture and EU law.

The personal exchange with Herbert Dorfmann, who always took time for a chat to discuss local and international political issues when there was the given occasion, was also very exciting.”

Fabian Kobald

“The traineeship in the European Parliament was an absolute highlight for which I am very grateful, as I was able to gain unique experiences. Mr Dorfmann is a very well-known and capable politician in the Parliament, so the traineeship in his office was particularly interesting and extensive. In addition to following the EU legislative process and all its facets at first hand, I gained a broad insight into current EU policy areas. I particularly enjoyed the current topics of European energy policy and the European Green Deal. I was able to experience the events in the Parliament unfiltered and see how the threads of EU politics come together in Brussels and Strasbourg. Above all, I was able to meet many new and like-minded people from all over Europe and even from South Tyrol, so that Brussels became a second home.”

Michael Pörnbacher

Michael Pörnbacher

"The internship at Herbert Dorfmann was a great opportunity to experience a piece of European politics up close and to learn something about the way of working, not just from MEPs, but from the entire Parliament. The votes in the plenary, the activities in the committees and intergroups, the work on the new agricultural policy, the sad farewell of Great Britain, a look behind the scenes of the most important institutions in Europe. The 6 weeks passed (too) quickly, but they left me with a stronger belief in the European project and an even greater interest in European politics. Thanks to Ute, Vera, Johanna and Giovanni for the incredibly nice working atmosphere, it has contributed a lot to the fact that these weeks have enriched me a lot!"

Maximilian Kuntner

"During my internship in the European Parliament, I had the unique opportunity to be a first-hand witness of the European spirit and the international cooperation. It was very exciting to explore the various dynamics of the legislative process and to understand how this huge organization works. The atmosphere inside the team was ideal to get the most out of my internship, both on a professional and human level. In Brussels and Strasbourg I was able to make experiences I couldn´t even have dreamt of and I come back with an even stronger belief in European integration! "

Elisabeth Riegler

Elisabeth Riegler

"During my internship I had the opportunity to get an insight into the activity of the European Parliament and of other European institutions. At the end of the internship I came to the conclusion that diversity in Europe represents for certain both an enormous richness and, at the same time, a challenge for the cohesion of member states. After my experience in Brussels I can affirm that my identity is first of all European."

Alexander Nitz

Alexander Nitz

"The internship at the European Parliament in Brussels has been an incredibly interesting and instructive experience. It gave me the opportunity to get an insight into the activity of the Parliament and to meet people coming from different member states. The Herbert Dorfmann Team did its best to make this internship a truly exciting experience. The working environment was excellent and I felt immediately integrated. The plenary week in Strasbourg and the dinners with MEPs, assistants and trainees of the Austrian delegation were among the most significant moments."

Davide Berton

Davide Berton

"Herbert Dorfmann is an excellent political representative, who is truly connected with its territory. Working with is team has been a wonderful experience, both from a professional and  a personal point of view. My internship has been very enriching; it helped me to grow and it added value to my cv."

Martina Kofler

Martina Kofler

"This experience went well beyond my expectations. During my traineeship, I translated texts, I made online researches for the assistants of Mr Dorfmann, I prepared presentations, and, above all, I had the possibility to follow closely the works of the committees and to contribute to the activity of support of South Tyrolean firms. The moment I enjoyed the most was the plenary week in Strasbourg, when I had the opportunity to accompany Mr Dorfmann and, in this way, to come close to the protagonists of European politics. This traineeship has been a very positive experience, which strengthened my spirit of initiative and which made me feel as I succeeded in giving my small contribution to the development of European policies."

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